Sinnergiak Social Innovation


2012 - Present


Research Centre for Social and Public Innovation




The UPV/EHU Sinnergiak Social Innovation research centre was set up by Euskampus Fundazioa in 2012 and entrusted with developing knowledge by means of fostering cooperation between stakeholders from diverse social, national and international backgrounds.

Sinnergiak focuses on social innovation, public innovation and innovation in the context of work and the cultural and creative industries.

Its areas of activity are research, action and intervention into the development of innovative projects, training in key Sinnergiak areas; and knowledge transfer in the spirit of sharing experiences and scientific publications, including its own academic journal.

Sinnergiak Social Innovation areas of activity:

  • Research, action and intervention. Focussing on innovative projects resulting most visibly in metrics, models, networks and strategic partnerships.
  • Training. Designed to deliver content surrounding key Sinnergiak areas. Training activities mainly take the form of summer courses, seminars, workshops and others.
  • Knowledge transfer. Sharing experiences (projects, cases), reports and other documents (assessments, impacts), publications in scientific books and journals, and publishing an academic journal.

Facts and figures 2012-2020

Since 2012, Sinnergiak has taken part on a range of European and local projects, building up scientific-academic output, chiefly: